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What motivates you to change and grow? Just as we are unique individuals, we have unique motivations. Simply put, motivation is an act or process that gives reason or meaning to doing something. It is what causes us to act. That can be getting a snack, answering the phone, going to work or exercising. Motivation is made up of forces that can activate behavior. The forces include: biological, emotional, social, and cognitive. We often use this term in daily life to describe why a person does something. For example, she is so motivated to (fill in the blank).

These “whys” of behavior are what can lead to change, and growth. It is what most health and wellness (H&W) coaches seek in their clients. My job as a wellness coach is to ask powerful questions that help the client discover the needs or wants that drive behavior and change in them; and explain why they do or want to do something. The way a H&W coach does this is by:

  1. Engaging with the client and talking about issues, concerns and hopes. Establishing trust.
  2. Focus by narrowing the conversation down to habits and behaviors the client wants to change.
  3. Evoking the client to elicit change through importance to them, confidence and readiness.
  4. Planning to develop doable and practical steps that lead to the desired change

Working with a H&W coach can help you explore, elicit, examine and engage these motivations in a collaborative, strengths-based, whole-person, nurturing environment that moves  toward a desired goal.  Coaches are great listeners! We can help you see where you are on the “readiness” meter of change, and help you make a plan to move that readiness into action. Are you looking to lose weight, get a new job, be happier in a relationship, heal an ailment, get healthier, eat cleaner, get more organized, let go of a negative habit, start your own business, reduce bodily discomfort, tackle a fear?  What do you want to change?

Now is the time. You can do this. Just make sure you have a plan. If you are ready to explore and develop your plan, private message me: www.facebook.com/WellnesswithPamStevens