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Respond immediately.  It is so rare because most people procrastinate.

How do you respond immediately? Do it now. What ever you are holding in your hands or that crosses you path – do it now. If you don’t, you just end up shuffling it around and wasting time. If you are inclined to send a note to someone or a thank you, don’t wait. If you see a job posting you are interested in – apply now. Make the call, file it, log it, whatever the task just take action.

Where are you delaying? It may be costing you unnecessary time and energy. Anything you don’t do now, you will have to do later. If you wait, the thought of having to do it will take up valuable mental space and may burden and weigh you down. What changes can you make to restructure your life so that you can respond immediately? Post this sign over your desk: “Do it now!”

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