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A sacred evening is one that you reserve for yourself to do exactly as you please. What does this look like? Only you can answer that, but here are some ideas: a stroll in the park, bubble bath, massage, reading a book, concert or just doing nothing. It is a time for you to be by yourself, to play, to rest, to relax. Setting this time apart for higher purposes makes it sacred for you. Avoid doing mundane tasks or to-do’s during this time. If you don’t take this time, it will get schedule away like the rest of your life.

What to do with this time? Be creative! Use the time to come up with ideas, dream or finally begin that novel. Want to develop your creative side even more? Buy some paints and play around with them, see an opera, visit a museum. The idea is to do one thing a week to nurture your creative self.

Look at your calendar, take out a yellow highlighter, and block off these free evenings. Block off one a week. If you have children, have your spouse watch them during your one night. You can then return the favor. You will each be relaxed, refreshed and happier.

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