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When asked, successful people will say that they did not achieve success alone. We need support, encouragement, ideas, friendship, love and kindness from others. Having those connections and knowing powerful people will greatly increase your chances of success. This is not about going around and collecting a bunch of business cards. It is about creating deep and lasting alliances with good people.

The next 10 blog posts I will be sending out (over 10 days) will help create these deep alliances.  Please continue to follow along with me as we reach for this goal. It may be helpful to revisit (or visit if you missed them first time) my blogs about “Increase Your Natural Power”: Eliminate all those petty annoyances, Plug the energy drains, Install 10 daily habits, Eliminate the “shoulds”Establish big boundaries, Don’t be a duck, Raise your standards, It’s all good, Have something to look forward to every day.

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