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If you already meditate, good for you! If meditation doesn’t work for you then consider calling that time a power nap. Set the scene: pillow, comfy throw, relaxing music or sounds of waves, closed eyes, or whatever makes you feel relaxed.  The point here is to do nothing. You can even fall asleep. If thought pop up in your head, have a pen and pad handy to jot them down and clear them out. Now, just lie there until you feel like getting up.

This time may offer a much needed clearing out, or a welcome of new ideas. You may even get answers to things that you have been pondering. The point is really to take time to meditate, relax and do nothing.  But if something does come up, keep note.

See if you can find time to sit. You can work in a daily power nap and make some space for creative thought to flourish.

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