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Add extra value to every interaction. To do this in business, you need to make raving fans of your customers. Nothing could be better than people fussing in a positive manner about your product to friends and family. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising you can have. The story goes that a grocery store found out that customers wanted to pick their strawberries individually instead of buying them pre-boxed. Once they let loose the berries, sales went up!

How do you embrace this idea personally? How can you enhance and add value to every situation? Smile, acknowledge people, forgive, do a favor and don’t tell anyone you did it, listen profoundly, let someone get ahead of you in line. Get the idea? I challenge you to use your creativity to continue this thinking about enhancing every situation. This is fun – if it is not for you, then don’t do it. What ways can you let loose the berries in your life?

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