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Have you ever used the excuse that you can’t do something because of fear? People hat to admit this because many think fear is a bad thing. My question is: what are you really afraid of? Fear isn’t the bad guy; fear is our friend. We may have good reason for our fears. Quite often, however, the best solution is to address them and take action.

See if you can use fear as an ally. Take a good look at why you are afraid and see if you can do something to alleviate it. Once you do that, it will be much easier to take action. Learn from fear, make friends with it, explore it – most often you may find that fear is completely unfounded. Once you make friends with fear, start taking more risks. It may provide an opportunity for you to feel fully alive and vibrant. You may become more powerful, stronger, courageous and confident. That is worth the risk. What are you afraid to do? Do it this week.

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