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Procrastination may have a bad reputation. Many people consider it a weakness. What if it were a good thing? What if it showed you the way to living your dreams and reaching your true goals?

Ask yourself: why do I procrastinate? Is it because you don’t like doing something? See if you can get rid of that task or delegate it to someone else. Try to find a way to remove that thing you don’t like doing. Do you procrastinate because you can’t find the time? Design your schedule so that you build in recurring time for this task. Do you procrastinate because you don’t really want to do something? Then evaluate whether this goal is worth having in the first place. Do you get stuck? Then get help with the task. Do you need time to mull things over? Take the time to get your thoughts together. At some point, you will be ready to start that goal again. Are you afraid? Yes, you may fail, but then you will have to live with knowing you never tried. Far better to do it and fail, then being weighted down with the “what if.”

I hope this helps you see the value in why procrastination is a good thing. It can show you the way to a solution.  Just make that list of all the things your are procrastinating about and then figure out the reason. Then you will know what it all means.

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