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The best way to start attracting great people into your life is to clean up the relationships you already have. “Maintain what you have before you expand.” How about we start with the relationship with yourself! What are your less than desirable traits? Are you too critical and judgmental of others? Keep in mind that there is nothing attractive about judging others. And, nobody likes to be judged.

People who are judgmental are usually hard on themselves. They hold themselves to a high standard and beat themselves up when they don’t reach it. The cure for this is to forgive yourself first. When you are not so hard on yourself, you will have room in your heart to forgive others too. It really does start with you.

If you find this helpful, list the things you have been carrying around with you or still beating yourself up about. Forgive yourself first! Now go through that list and see whom you can contact now to apologize. In some cases and apology will be enough, in others you may need to make reparations or amends. This is very liberating and can free up an incredible amount of energy. Apologize, make amends, and above all, forgive yourself.

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