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Still trying to find your path in life? You may need to take a retreat from your current life and get a broader perspective. Go outside of yourself to see what really fills you up.

Here are some ways to take a retreat:

  1. Pack your bags and head to a B-n-B or cabin in the woods
  2. House sit for a friend
  3. Get out of the house – go to a cafe, restaurant, park, library, etc.
  4. Go on a yoga/spa retreat or to a ranch
  5. Go to a monastery or abbey

Try to go away or at least leave your house during the day for at least three days, if you can. Even one day can make a difference. Be sure to pack a  journal to record your thoughts. Keep it simple and don’t pack too much. During this time, get creative and find some way to get perspective on your life.

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