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You have been busy perfecting the present moment, now it is time to perfect your body. A perfect body is not only healthy and fit, but it can reflect who you are.  There is a link between our mind and our bodies. So if there is something about your body that bothers you, take care of it – zap it! These little imperfections can prevent you from being your best and drain you. If you feel great in your own skin, it will show.

I am not talking about supermodel perfection here. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I ask you not to compare. What I am suggesting is that you pay attention to the parts of your body that you worry about. These worries might be preventing you from engaging with others and being your full self. Go ahead, if your tooth was knocked as child and turned brown, take care of it; a mole that bothers you – remove it. Are you 50 pounds overweight and not bothered by it, then its not a problem. It is only a problem if it is getting in the way of you being your best.

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