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Pamela Stevens, MA

From a very early age I have been drawn to creativity, listening and service. My mother played piano, painted, and was a beautician. My father is a silent genius, tinkerer, creative thinker, joint business owner and inventor on a certain level. He can fix or repair just about anything. The common factors were creativity and service to others. I initially embraced the creative influence by choosing the shiny, bird-calling flute as my tool for creativity. All through life I have felt the calling to serve others in my community. It started when I was in grade school with many MS collection drives I helped coordinate, and the neighborhood plays and parades I organized. I continued this passion for public service through my adult years as a non-profit arts manager for several local organizations and most recently as an integrative, holistic, health practitioner and coach. I now embrace creativity and service on a whole different level: helping people move forward and transform their lives into one that supports wholeness, health and wellbeing.

Because of my classical music training and career as a professional musician, I tune in to my deep listening skills. Not only listening, blending and balancing, but also intuitively sensing and adjusting to what is needed in each musical moment. There is a silent language and communication that musicians share; it is a sense, a feel, an intuitive experience that expands on “listening” in a whole different realm. I believe I developed a skill from this training that opened up my listening abilities as a health and wellness coach. Not only do I hear what is being said, but I sense and intuit what is not being said.

Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine said, “First consider the nature of man. Then consider his food, his customs and his mode of life. We view the whole man, not his disease.” Illness is the body’s way of telling you to “wake up” and become aware – aware of everything in your life. Awareness includes career; money; health; friends and family; significant other; personal growth and learning; fun, leisure and recreation: and physical environment. I recently got that wake-up call. I decided to do things differently. I chose to listen, learn, and heal by tapping into my inner wisdom. True healing is about total life awareness. I spent time in each area of my life, and moved myself from unwellness to wellness. And now as a health coach, I help other move towards wellness.


Master Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with a dual concentration in herbal studies and nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health

Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Maryland Chapter of the ICF.  Working towards an ACC Accreditation

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Herbal Studies from the Maryland University of Integrative Health

Member of the American Herbalist Guild

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